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12 West Virginia Publishers Fueling Knowledge and Creativity

Alpha Book Publisher stands as a literary haven, committed to showcasing diverse voices across genres. With a focus on quality storytelling, they provide a platform for both emerging and established authors, contributing to the rich tapestry of literature. Alpha Book Publisher is a trusted source for captivating narratives that resonate with readers.

PT William Publishing Co LLC is a literary craftsman, dedicated to producing works of enduring quality. Specializing in thoughtful and impactful storytelling, they contribute to literature that stands the test of time. PT William Publishing Co LLC stands as a trusted source for narratives that leave a lasting imprint on readers.

35th Star Publishing is a literary guide to the American West, specializing in works that capture the essence of the region's history and landscapes. With a commitment to preserving and sharing Western stories, they contribute to the cultural richness of the West. 35th Star Publishing stands as a curator of narratives rooted in the unique character of the region.

Online Cashback Shopper, known for its consumer offerings, ventures into publishing, reflecting a diverse approach. Exploring various genres, they provide authors with an unconventional platform. Online Cashback Shopper stands at the unique intersection of shopping and literature, offering authors a distinct avenue for reaching readers.

5. FiT Publishing  

FiT Publishing is a literary advocate for health and wellness, specializing in works that inspire personal growth and positive lifestyle choices. With a commitment to fostering well-being, they contribute to literature that empowers readers on their journey to a healthier life. FiT Publishing stands as a guide for those seeking narratives that elevate both body and mind.

Jeffrey A. Mangus Author/Ghostwriter is a versatile literary ally, specializing not only in his own works but also in assisting others in bringing their stories to life. With a commitment to professionalism and excellence, Mangus contributes to the success of authors navigating the publishing process. He stands as a reliable partner for those seeking support and expertise in the world of publishing.

Diamond Media Press is a literary gem, specializing in works that shine with creativity and innovation. Committed to fostering diverse voices and pushing creative boundaries, they contribute to the evolution of modern literature. Diamond Media Press stands as a curator of stories that captivate and illuminate the literary landscape.

Memoirs of MOO is a whimsical literary venture, specializing in works that explore the world of MOO—a place where imagination and creativity intertwine. With a commitment to playful storytelling, they contribute to literature that sparks the magic of childhood wonder. Memoirs of MOO stands as a unique destination for readers seeking enchanting and imaginative narratives.


The Dream Catcher is a literary weaver of dreams, specializing in works that capture the essence of dreams and aspirations. With a commitment to inspiring readers, they contribute to literature that encourages the pursuit of goals and passions. The Dream Catcher stands as a guide for those seeking narratives that resonate with the dreamer within.

Four Seasons Books is a literary seasons guide, specializing in a diverse range of genres that cater to varied tastes. With a commitment to promoting a love of reading, they contribute to the vibrancy of the local literary community. Four Seasons Books stands as a beloved independent bookstore, offering a personalized and engaging shopping experience for book enthusiasts.

Clarksburg Publishing Co is a journalistic cornerstone, specializing in publications that inform and engage the local community. With a commitment to journalistic integrity, they contribute to the dissemination of news and information. Clarksburg Publishing Co stands as a trusted source for local and regional news.

S.D. Thomas is a versatile literary voice, contributing to various genres and themes. Specializing in thoughtful storytelling, Thomas aims to engage readers with narratives that leave a lasting impact. With a commitment to excellence, S.D. Thomas stands as a notable presence in the world of literature, offering readers a diverse array of captivating stories.

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