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27 Missouri Publishers Fueling Knowledge and Creativity

Alpha Book Publisher is dedicated to fostering literary excellence, offering a platform for diverse voices and compelling narratives. Committed to quality, they contribute to the literary landscape by publishing works that captivate and inspire readers.

Pentecostal Publishing House is a vital resource for Pentecostal literature, providing theological and devotional materials. Dedicated to spreading the teachings of Pentecostalism, they contribute to spiritual growth and understanding within their community.

Herald Publishing House, affiliated with the Community of Christ, focuses on publishing materials that align with their religious and historical perspectives. Committed to the principles of peace and justice, they contribute to the discourse within their faith community.

Online Cashback Shopper, beyond its role in publishing, engages with readers by offering cashback incentives. Through a unique approach, they blend literary offerings with opportunities for readers to save, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Burnt District Press is a literary haven for fiction and creative works, emphasizing quality storytelling. Committed to the craft of writing, they contribute to the literary landscape by publishing works that captivate and resonate with readers.

Publishing Concepts, LLC, as a versatile publishing entity, collaborates with authors across genres. With a commitment to bringing diverse voices to the forefront, they contribute to the richness of literature by offering a platform for unique and impactful storytelling.

Price Publishing Co. is dedicated to the exploration of diverse narratives, publishing works that span various genres. Committed to quality and innovation, they contribute to the literary world by offering readers a range of engaging and thought-provoking books.

Liguori Publications, rooted in Catholic tradition, is a beacon of spiritual literature. With a focus on providing resources for spiritual growth and education, they contribute to the broader dialogue within the Catholic community.

Life Publishers International is a significant player in Christian publishing, focusing on materials that promote Christian teachings and spiritual growth. Committed to spreading the message of faith, they contribute to the global Christian literary landscape.

The University of Missouri Press is an academic publishing powerhouse, specializing in scholarly works across disciplines. Committed to advancing knowledge and research, they contribute to the academic dialogue through the publication of high-quality books.

Tribune Publishing Co, with a rich history in journalism, plays a crucial role in news and media. Committed to journalistic integrity, they contribute to the dissemination of news and information, shaping public discourse and awareness.

Still Making It Publishing is a platform for resilience and empowerment, publishing works that highlight stories of overcoming challenges. Committed to showcasing strength and perseverance, they contribute to the literary world by offering narratives that inspire and uplift.

Elite Publishing Company is dedicated to supporting authors and bringing their stories to a global audience. With a focus on quality and collaboration, they contribute to the literary landscape by providing a platform for diverse voices and creative expression.

Claim Acclaim Press is a publisher that embraces a variety of genres, offering a platform for authors to claim recognition for their literary endeavors. Committed to quality and visibility, they contribute to the success of authors by showcasing their work to a broader audience.

John Drake Robinson, as an individual author, contributes to the literary world with unique perspectives and storytelling. Committed to his craft, Robinson's works offer readers thought-provoking narratives and insights.

D. B. Reynolds is a notable author whose works span the realms of romance and fantasy. Committed to crafting engaging and immersive stories, Reynolds contributes to the literary landscape by capturing readers' imaginations with compelling narratives.

The Book Professor is a valuable resource for aspiring authors, providing guidance and support in the writing and publishing process. Committed to literacy and storytelling, they contribute to the development of new voices within the literary community.

THE ILLUSTRATED PRESS combines visual artistry with storytelling, offering readers a unique and immersive reading experience. Committed to the fusion of art and literature, they contribute to the exploration of narrative possibilities through creative and visually captivating works.

The Shadows of a Man, as a literary work or publishing entity, suggests a focus on exploring the complexities of human nature and existence. Whether a title or a concept, it adds intrigue to the literary landscape.

Luminous Events LLC may extend beyond traditional publishing, possibly involved in events or services related to literature and storytelling. Committed to illumination, they contribute to the literary world by engaging with readers through various avenues.

The WRITE Goals suggests a focus on setting and achieving literary aspirations. Whether a concept or a publishing entity, it aligns with the idea of guiding authors toward success in their writing and publishing endeavors.

Helicon Nine Editions emerges as a beacon of literary exploration and artistic expression. Committed to pushing boundaries, they contribute to the literary world by publishing works that challenge norms and inspire readers to engage with literature in new ways.

Acclaim Press is a publishing entity that emphasizes recognition and commendation for noteworthy works. Committed to celebrating achievements, they contribute to the literary landscape by acknowledging authors and their impactful contributions.

Really Big Coloring Books Inc | is a unique player in the publishing world, specializing in coloring books. Committed to creativity and education, they contribute to the literary and artistic development of readers, both young and old.

Ingrams, as a prominent distributor, plays a vital role in connecting publishers with retailers and readers. Committed to efficiency and accessibility, they contribute to the seamless flow of books within the publishing ecosystem.

CPO - Redeemed Books & More is a book retail and distribution outlet, possibly affiliated with a religious organization. Committed to offering redeemed and spiritually enriching literature, they contribute to the accessibility of faith-based materials.

Cash-Book Journal holds significance in the realm of local journalism, possibly focusing on financial and business news. Committed to informing and engaging communities, they contribute to the dissemination of relevant information in their local context.

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